Advanced Tips to Improve Your Cricket Betting Online

Cricket seems to be a game that just keeps on growing, not only in sheer popularity, but in format innovation as well. In a fairly short space of time, we’ve gone from the long test match format, which lasts for five full days, to a shortened affair that can be completed in just a few hours.

While a full test series will always have its rightful place in the pantheon of cricket, it is safe to say that the short format game has overtaken it in terms of overall global popularity. In fact, if one were to put aside the sheer popularity of short format cricket contests for just a second, the short format is also proving to be superior when it comes to the betting tables.

Cricket betting analysts have also noticed a sharp rise in betting activity, particularly with online betting platforms of late. This is mainly due to that previously mentioned upsurge in cricket betting. One of the biggest contributing factors to this uptick is the T20 cricket format and, more precisely, the rise of the Indian Premier League or IPL, as well as the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup, which is to be held in Australia later this year.

But how does one go about getting into cricket betting, especially the short format? Moreover, how does one employ advanced betting strategies to really improve the overall betting experience?

Advanced Tips to Improve Your Cricket Betting Online. Photo courtesy of Chillibibi from Pixabay.

Moving from Beginner to Advanced Betting in Cricket

For beginners, the short T20 format is perhaps one of the best places to start with cricket betting. Unlike the long format test match, betting on limited overs games can be as simple as predicting who will score the most runs, who will get a hat trick or who may take the most wickets in a single event. It’s really easy once you start.

However, what about more advanced betting techniques and tips? These can be especially handy when it comes to the all-important analyzing of betting markets and betting performance over a predefined period of time. For example, the so-called Monte Carlo method is often used for generating cricket betting tips online, for both punters and bookmakers.

The Monte Carlo method, together with the Bayesian network, represent the more advanced aspects of cricket betting, and are only recommended for experienced cricket bettors or serious punters. Essentially, the Monte Carlo method works on repeated random sampling, which is used to generate certain numerical outputs. This method is actually more advantageous to cricket bettors who may not be familiar with other, more traditional statistical testing methods because less mathematical knowledge is required to obtain the desired results.

When combined with the Bayesian Approach, which is based on the Bayes theorem of probability, expert tipsters are able to reasonably and reliably predict the potential outcome of any match. Now, if this all sounds like Greek to you, you’re not alone. Suffice to say that you don’t need to know how these approaches work to any intimate degree. However, when using online tip sites, knowing that they use one or both of these methods should reassure you as to the veracity of their tips. Happy betting!

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