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Dhoni’s Fan Dedicated a Gift for Him

Undoubtedly, MS Dhoni is one of the best players that the Indian cricket team has ever had, says  He is a well-decorated cricket player who has won many awards and respected awards during his work experience and his career. Soon, Dhoni also became ideal for many cricketers as well for cricket fans, and after no time he also became captain of the Indian cricket team.

During his career, he had built a large number of followers through his games, and why not he is the only person who invented the helicopter shot. Not only this, during his captainship, India also won the world cup and made Indians proud. Many times, Dhoni also helped to win losing matches and led India to one of the best cricket teams.

As mentioned earlier that Dhoni has a large fan following, everyone appreciates him and wants to be like him. Recently in August 2020, Dhoni retired from international cricket, which made his followers sad and disappointed. But with this Dhoni has also announced that he had not taken retirement completely, he will continue his journey in IPL. This made his fans a bit relaxed that his fans will be able to see him playing in the stadium.

MS Dhoni Photo
Mahendra Singh Dhoni

In IPL, the audience was happy to see him playing, so one fan of MS Dhoni has even painted his complete house in the colours of the CSK colour which is a yellow colour. He has also shown his respect towards the player and dedicated it to him. In fact, Dhoni himself has loved it, and also thanked him for such an honour.

MS Dhoni was in Dubai recently, playing for his team CSK in IPL 2020, although the overall performance of the team was not up to the mark. The performance was a bit low as compared to last year’s performance of the team. It is obvious that people will expect from the team because CSK has been the winner of IPL for three consecutive years.

Mitchell Johnson fighting with depression through cricket

Mitchell Johnson is one of the finest players of the Australian cricket team. He played in the Australian cricket team for many years, but after some time he also took retirement from the International cricket team, and now he no longer is a member of that team.

He also has discussed his depression which he has been fighting through lately. He said that sitting alone at home resulted in serious depression. He also added that not even him if anyone will sit at home without any work then the person has to face the same problem.

In order to fight with the depression the player, Michelle Johnson hasn’t left playing IPL, so that he can engage himself in his favourite part of his life, and therefore he can remain out of the depression. The International career of the player was filled with complete cricket and he has earned respect and he also had a successful cricket career.

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