ICC Grants ODI Status to Asia Cup Matches

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Amidst much excitement, the International Cricket Council has opted to grant matches between One Day International teams and teams without One Day International Status ODI status. This follows an application by the Asia Cup Organisers to include all games against Hong Kong, which does not currently hold ODI status. The decision will be applied to the Asia Cup games being held in the UAE. The ICC plans to include the World Cup Qualifiers at a later stage, giving those who enjoy horse racing betting something even more exciting to wager on..

A Lesson from Zimbabwe

The decision comes after dissenting from multiple teams after some games in a Zimbabwe tour were not awarded ODI status earlier this year. Matches played against teams without ODI status were not counted. This caused confusion and unhappiness amongst players and fans. The rules create a situation where confusion reigns as fans and professionals try to cement classifications for the fixtures. Certain teams such as the Netherlands ended up in a situation where the qualifiers they were competing in did not even carry ODI status.

This move by the ICC has been welcomed by many in the international cricketing community. Many industry members have commented on the positivity this decision will bring to the sport. Making it more inclusive and truly international. The ICC has stated that in the interest of simplicity they will extend the ruling to include all matches played between ODI and non-ODI teams. The Asia Cup and ICC World Cup qualifiers will be the first to be affected.

Hong Kong vs UAE

The Hong Kong team secured their place in the Asia Cup when they beat the UAE in the qualifiers. Out of the six teams that competed Hong Kong is the only one that does not have ODI status. This would result in certain games not qualifying as ODIs.

ODI Status Under Review

The ICC chief executive has confirmed that ODI status is currently under review and more information around the rulings would be forthcoming soon. Dave Richardson stated that after the ICC World Cup Qualifier review the mix of games caused great confusion amongst fans. Due to this it has taken the decision to include all matches. This comes in the wake of all T20 matches amongst ICC members being awarded T20I status.

The review of the various team and game status is being viewed as a positive step to grow the sport internationally. The teams participating in the Asia Cup are Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Group one includes Hong Kong, playing against Pakistan and India and group two, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. Except for Hong Kong, these teams will form part of the ICC 2019 World Cup set to be played in England in May’19.

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