MS Dhoni: When it comes to Indian Cricket, my name keeps popping up

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Indian skipper MS Dhoni is not someone known to speak out about the controversies surrounding him, which are many of course. But, a day prior to the big clash against Australia at Sydney, the Indian captain decided to break his silence on the IPL controversy, and the spot-fixing verdict given out by the Supreme Court, allowing the media to make some headlines out of the matter in relation to MS Dhoni’s name being constantly being brought up.

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MS Dhoni

When questioned by the press over whether he was pleased that the Supreme Court verdict has put an end to all the speculation in regards to his alleged involvement in the entire IPL fiasco, Mahendra Singh Dhoni did choose to explain what he felt over the controversial issue, although he was careful in his choice of words. The Indian skipper, retaining his dry humour, stated, “One this is for sure, whatever happens, when the issue pertains to Indian cricket, my name keeps cropping up somehow or the other.”

Dhoni went on to add, “The current matter may have been settled for now, but something else will come up. These things just keep popping up, and I have now gotten used to it. One story has just ended, and another may begin in a couple of days’ time. And even if there is nothing, some speculative story will come out of nowhere.”

Being the captain of Chennai Super Kings, Dhoni was probed when investigations were taking place to decide whether Gurunath Meiyappan was a CSK official or just a cricket enthusiast as he was claiming. During the course of the trial, a prosecution lawyer had gone to the extent of accusing Dhoni that he wasn’t being completely honest with the investigators.

The Supreme Court, which announced his verdict in the case on January 22, did not name any players in its findings, but found both Meiyappan and Rajasthan Royals’ owner Raj Kundra guilty of betting.

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