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Welcome to’s post on Scott Styris interview. Scott Styris is one of the better players produced by New Zealand Cricket. A solid middle order batsman with a good range of strokes, Scott Styris was more than a useful bowler in the limited overs version of the game where he brought his clever variations to contain the batsmen. He had played most of his cricket for Northern Districts and in the IPL had represented Deccan Chargers. In this Scott Styris interview, the Kiwi all-rounder talks about his cricketing life:

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Scott Styris Interview

Tell me a bit where you grew up and how you started playing cricket?

I was born in Australia and we came to New Zealand when I was six, so I do not recall playing cricket over there at all. I went to Masterton – where three or four of the current Black Caps are from – and lived there for almost three years and that was where I started cricket. When I was about eight or nine I moved up to Hamilton where cricket really became more a part of my life. I started to make a few training squads and development teams when I was 13 or 14.

In the early days it was just playing sport, I would play everything that came about. I played a lot of soccer, a lot of rugby, a lot of cricket and even volleyball; I still play a lot of golf. Most of the Black Caps are all pretty handy at all sports.

I will always remember my Northern Districts Primary School’s team, which in those days was sort of like an under-14s team. In that team was Gareth Hopkins, Matthew Bell and a couple of other current 1st Class players. So you do make some friends even from the early days and you can play against a lot other future Black Caps. So I have known some of the guys for nearly 20 years, which is good because you develop a friendship with most of them that’s been going since you were just a nipper.

Scott Styris interview | New Zealand Cricketer Interview

Scott Styris interview | New Zealand Cricketer Interview. Photo courtesy of melodi2/

As a youngster, were there any New Zealand or international players that you took a shine to?

As most people who grew up when I did, I was inspired by the team of the 80s, and in particular Richard Hadlee and Martin Crowe. Both seem to have had a major impact on the guys my age growing up and hopefully the current Black Caps are doing the same for players of the future. I used to watch Alan Border and the other Australian players quite a bit as well. We are fortunate nowadays that we get a lot of the Australian cricket throughout our summer.

Scott Styris interview : Were you more of a bowler than a batsman growing up?

No, I was a batsman all the way through. I bowled a little bit, but in an under-16 tournament it turned around and I batted at 10 and 11 and opened the bowling. Then the following year I went to batting at three and not bowling much. Then I had two years of under-20s, the first year I batted at three and did not bowl, and the second year I opened the bowling and batted at 10. One year my coach thought I would be a better bowler than a batsman and then the next year a different coach would think the opposite.

So it sort of mixed and matched for me the whole way through, even internationally I started as a bowler and now I am more of a batsman. I have never given up on batting or bowling. I enjoy doing both and it just so happens that at one particular year I might develop my bowling a little bit more and a little bit faster and my batting might take a little backward step. But if I keep working at both, they eventually catch up to each other.

Scott Styris interview : What was the story of your first class debut?

At the time Northern Districts had seven players in the New Zealand side on tour in South Africa in 1994, which was a big chunk out the 1st Class team. Looking back, the philosophy of the selection panel was fantastic; instead of perhaps bringing in the next best players they decided to bring in five of the under-20s players, like Mathew Bell, and Jason Spice (who went on to become and All Black) and myself. So I benefited from that selection policy.

Scott Styris interview : At what stage after your debut did you feel that you had established your position in the team?

That took a long time because of the team’s strength. Even in that first year, the Northern Districts made the one-day final without the seven New Zealand players and then five of us got dropped for the final. It took at least four years before I was a regular in the side and at no stage did I deserve to be a regular member of that side when association was so strong.

Scott Styris interview : What made you hang around for that long and not look elsewhere?

I am not 100 percent sure. Very few players go through their career without being dropped. Even the big names like McCullum, Vettori and Fleming have not had a stage where they have been dropped from the team at some point. It can be a good thing to have a few knock-backs in your career because it makes you work a little bit harder, so that you win spots through performance. I guess it taught me how to put consistency and performance together, which is what selectors are looking for. If you are consistently contributing to the team, you will make high representative honours. Thankfully that is what has happened to me.

After 10 years with Northern Districts, you made the difficult decision to move to Auckland, are you happy with the decision?

Absolutely, my partner lives in Auckland and being a cricketer it was easier for me to move for a job than it was for her. I had been living there for about two years before I moved up to play for Auckland and it just became too tough to travel to Hamilton for training and games.

ND is unique because home games can be in Gisborne or Northland or the Bay of Plenty; so there was a lot of travelling involved. When you are away with New Zealand for as much as 10 months a year, it can a bit tedious to travel for home games as well, which is effectively what I was doing. I was sad to leave Northern Districts as I had played age grade cricket for them since about 1989, but it has made it a lot easier for the family and me.

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